ASU Students Prepare for Family Visits During Thanksgiving Break, by Jeff Vinton and Sam Rabadi

The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Photo by Sam Rabadi

With Thanksgiving a little more than a week away, ASU students are preparing to celebrate with family and loved ones, despite the hassles that come with travel this time of year.

Students will be traveling with backpacks like these as they head across the country to visit family and loved ones over Thanksgiving break. Photo by Sam Rabadi

“Thanksgiving is something that’s associated with family,” ASU junior Meg Krivanec said. “Why wouldn’t you want to go home? What’s wrong with your priorities? Why would you choose to stay here instead of going home?”

Although students will be leaving the state to visit family across the country, ASU will still be on their minds.

“I’m having a meal with my family, watching the ASU/U of A game and watching ASU win,” ASU junior Katelyn Niemiec said.

ASU will be facing off against the University of Arizona at Sun Devil Stadium on Nov. 30 for a chance to keep the Territorial Cup, the trophy that was first awarded to the winner of the game in 1899, but disappeared until 1980 when it was found in the basement of a church near ASU’s Tempe campus, and has been awarded to the winner of the game annually ever since.

Students will return to campus Dec. 1 and will have one week of classes before final exams begin. Photo by Sam Rabadi.

Students will also be using the time off to relax and prepare their minds, as a week after they return final exams will begin.

The next time students will be able to be with family will be after finals conclude on Dec. 14.


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